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Secure your business, Not just your network

We fingerprint the IoT devices and automatically detect threats to the security of your business, the privacy of your information, and ensure your regulatory compliance.


IoT devices introduce a significant vulnerability to your business because traditional perimeter security is inadequate.

  • Do you know what’s on your network?
  • Would you know if an IoT device got compromised?


IoT devices are everywhere. Who are you IoT devices communicating with?  


  • Is that camera streaming to anyone?
  • Is that TV in the boardroom listening to you?
  • Do you know if your IoT devices are violating your -or your clients’- privacy?


Regulations like GDPR in the EU and HIPAA in the USA regulate what information can go where.


  • Do you know if your IoT devices comply?
  • Do you maintain records for planning, compliance, and forensic purposes?

How big is the risk to your business?


Attack Source

89% of IoT attacks in 2017 has been originated from outside the United States. --SecureStream analysis 2017



70% of IOT devices averaged 25 vulnerabilities per product, indicating expanding attack surface for adversaries



Only 50% of organizations have conducted IoT-specific risk assessments. -- AT&T Global state of cybersecurity



8 of the 10 IoT device-systems tested, raised privacy concerns regarding the collection of consumer data --hp IoT State of Union

What Are You Waiting For? Secure Your Business Today!

SecureStream provides you with an Information-Rich, Analytics-Friendly, and Action-Oriented Security Center. So that you can focus on what matters most: Running Your Business.

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The IOT Behavioral Analytics that Fits Your Business Needs

Simple & Scalable IOT Network Security Analytics System with Flexible Deployment Options, IOT Vendor Agnostic, Zero-Touch Provisioning, Zero-Trust Inside-Out Behavioral Security.

All in One Platform

Vendor agnostic platform to Profile, Monitor, Validate, and Prevent security threats from IOT devices through a unified dashboard.

Automated Workflows

From assets discovery to behavior capture and policy enforcement, all of your team’s daily tasks have been automated to enhance visibility and mitigate threats.

Real Time

Hyper reactiveness to identified anomalies. With built-in algorithms, customizable rules and smart alerts, SecureStream sophisticated detection, and threat-prevention system identifies malicious traffic and its source in real-time.

Simple & Predictable

Simple, Predictable and efficient pay-as-you-grow pricing model with flexible features and deployment options without long-term contracts or complex licensing.